Pool deck of Villa Elizabeth


We have many advantages of our beautiful 7 bedroom villa but most likely the location of the home is one of the biggest. The pool area is directly overlooking the Bird Island of 14 acres natural lake. 



Have you ever wondered how the natural flora and fauna of Florida looks like? If you want to know, it's enough to go out to your deck or relax in the spa while looking at the lake! You'll see mirriads of birds (even predatory ones), otters, turtles etc. Florida nature at its finest.


Those who are more interested in water fun, can jump into our HUGE pool. Pls note that parents supervision is always advised once children are present in this area. We have alarms on all the doors leading to the pool but we still ask our guest to take extra care of the little ones when they are playing in or around the pool! And they will, as there is no better way to relax than swim and play in the crystal clear water!


The Sun is on the deck from the early morning until late afternoon so there is plenty of time to play and have fun. For those who prefer a lazy way to enjoy the Florida sun, we recommend our spa which can be heated. We advise pool and spa heat from late October till April as the evening can be a bit colder. We provide pool blankets and recommend to use them to make sure your spa and pool is nicely warm even in the morning.